Navarra Health Cluster highlights its associated entities on its website

Navarra Health Cluster highlights its associated entities on its website

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Date: August 21, 2023

In an exciting step towards promoting collaboration and exchange in the healthcare industry, the Navarra Health Cluster has launched a new feature on its website that provides an overview of its partner entities. . This novel page not only highlights the diversity and breadth of players in the cluster, but also allows visitors to filter entities according to their role in the value chain From leading pharmaceutical companies to pioneering research institutions and medical technology providers, the Navarra Health Cluster partners page offers a panoramic view of the wealth of healthcare expertise in the region.

One of the most striking features of the new partners page is its personalized filtering capability. With a simple click, visitors can browse companies and organizations based on their specific focus in the healthcare value chain. . Whether they are interested in cutting-edge medical generation and research, biopharmaceutical companies, medical technology companies, service companies, distribution, the care sector and environmental stakeholders, the Navarra Health Cluster offers a seamless and enriching user experience. This focus on personalizing information not only helps cluster members connect more effectively, but also strengthens collaboration and synergy among the various stakeholders.

“We are delighted to introduce this new partners page as a significant milestone in the development of the Navarra Health Cluster website” said Laura Corcuera, Managing Director of the Cluster.

“We believe this digital tool will foster communication and cooperation within our community, while highlighting the positive impact our partner entities are having in the healthcare field. We invite everyone to explore the site and discover the success stories and innovation that are shaping the future of healthcare in Navarra and beyond.” With this initiative, the Navarra Health Cluster demonstrates its ongoing commitment to promoting collaboration, member visibility and collective advancement in the healthcare industry. The new membership page represents a step forward in building a robust and diverse healthcare ecosystem that addresses current and future challenges in healthcare and research.

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