NHC at the opening of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Nutrition Masters 23-24

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Alicia López de Ocariz, President of the Navarra Health Cluster, Opens the Official Masters of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition of the University of Navarra for the academic year 2023-24

Date: September 1st, 2023

At the opening event for the 2023-2024 academic year of the Official Masters of the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition of the University of Navarra, the president of the Navarra Health Cluster (NHC), Alicia López de Ocariz, participated as keynote speaker. In her opening talk, she shared her vision on the challenges facing health clusters in the current and future world, highlighting the importance of collaboration and innovation in the sector.

The NHC President expressed her gratitude for the invitation and her enthusiasm to interact with the students of these Master’s programmes, whom she considers future professionals who will contribute significantly to addressing the challenges of healthcare in today’s society. During her presentation, he addressed specific topics related to health clusters, as well as issues shared by all professionals working to improve people’s health.

Highlights of her talk included the challenges and opportunities faced by health clusters and associations in a changing world, as well as the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and technological innovation in the search for solutions to current and future health problems.

Alicia López de Ocariz, in her role as president of the NHC, provided valuable insight into how collaboration between companies, academic institutions and health organisations can be instrumental in driving advances in the field of health. Her talk focused on inspiring Master’s students to become agents of change and bring innovative solutions to the health challenges we face.

The School of Pharmacy and Nutrition’s Master’s programmes offer advanced academic training opportunities in key areas of health, and Alicia López de Ocariz’s talk served as an inspiring introduction to the prospects and challenges that await these future professionals.

This event marked the Navarra Health Cluster’s continued commitment to promoting collaboration and training in the healthcare field, and its president, Alicia López de Ocariz, demonstrated her dedication to sharing her knowledge and perspectives with the next generation of healthcare professionals.

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