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We have always been closely linked to the dental sector due to personal proximity, although we come from the field of medical research. We realized that in the hospital environment there are tests and techniques for the treatment of patients that are not offered routinely and adapted to the operations of dental clinics. Hyssogenix was created to provide the dentistry sector with the latest scientific advances in a practical and simple way for the dental professional.

Currently we are very focused on periodontics. On the one hand, we carry out analysis of the main pathogenic bacteria present in the subgingival cavity in order to help the dentist in his treatment with the patient. It is very interesting to complement this analysis with the study of genetic predisposition, also to periodontal disease, which helps the dentist to know in advance the risk of suffering from chronic or acute periodontitis and thereby help prevent the progression of the disease.

At Hyssogenix we are working with two R&D projects on the oral microbiome and the importance of the beneficial bacteria found in a healthy mouth to be able to treat dysbiosis when we find a patient where there is an increase in pathogenic bacteria and a decrease in beneficial bacteria. The use of antibiotics, probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics are the future of treatments for infections, not only in dentistry, but to prevent many other diseases related to dysbiosis of the human microbiota, such as vascular, neurodegenerative, or autoimmune diseases.

Featured proyects

  • 2nd position in X Impulso Emprendedor 2022 awards of CEIN


  • Amedna Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2023 to María Mena


  • Navarra 2021 Government i+d project: Development of a PCR test for the early detection and prevention of molar-incisive hypomineralisation (MIH) in the paediatric dentistry population of Navarra.