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The Navarra Artificial Intelligence Research Center (NAIR Center) is born with the aim of ensuring basic and applied, cross-cutting, and excellent research in Artificial Intelligence (AI) that accelerates the process of development and digital transformation of the industrial fabric and public administrations, directly benefiting the citizens of the Autonomous Community of Navarre. 

Its main objectives are:

-Promote high-quality research in artificial intelligence and data technology, both at the basic and applied levels, with relevance to society and the global scientific community.

-Disseminate knowledge in artificial intelligence, targeting businesses and society at large.

-Drive the use of artificial intelligence in the Navarre Innovation System and in regional businesses to enhance their competitiveness.

-Support academic research in artificial intelligence at universities and applied research in research and technological centers, seeking integration into the Digital Innovation Hub, promoting collaboration with the Navarre R&D&I System and universities.

-Promote the creation of high-value-added jobs and attract talent to Navarre in the field of artificial intelligence and data engineering.

-Contribute to the overall development of R&D&I and promote the creation of new technology companies and research centers in Navarre and neighboring regions.

NAIR Center emerges in a period marked by a changing environment that has generated new digitization needs in society, and consequently, in businesses and public administrations. To successfully address the significant challenges and issues at hand, both the research areas of the Center and the lines within each of them are being conceived with a multidisciplinary and eminently international approach.

The research areas of the center are as follows:

Intelligent Analysis and Fusion of Information and Data: This line focuses on developing new methods to improve and make more efficient the fusion of information in different processes involved in Artificial Intelligence techniques and methods.

Intelligent Learning: This line concentrates on developing techniques that enable machines to “learn” by developing solutions to various problems independently, using available information and employing methods.

Disruptive AI: This line is centered on exploring and studying specific problems with the potential to lead to a paradigm shift from both a scientific and economic standpoint.

AI and Society: This line focuses on analyzing the impact of Artificial Intelligence on people’s lives and how society influences the development and acceptance of AI.

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