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Navarrabiomed, biomedical research center.

Navarrabiomed is a public biomedical research center created by the Government of Navarra’s Department of Health in 2012. Its mission is to promote, facilitate and perform leading-edge biomedical research to develop and implement innovative therapies that improve the quality of public healthcare. In 2016, it became a joint center with the Public University of Navarre.

He center is currently organized in 20 research units and six technical and scientific services to promote scientific research and technological development: Biobank, Clinical Trials, Methodology – Health Services Research, Proteomics, Animal Lab and Experimental Operating Theater, and the CellMa Clean Room for Advanced Therapies. A total of 140 researchers are involved providing these services and research.

Through its support units, Navarrabiomed facilitates and promotes research carried out by more than 250 healthcare professionals from other public centers in the region.

Miguel Servet Foundation

The Miguel Servet Foundation is the agency that has managed the activity of the biomedical research center Navarrabiomed since its establishment. In addition, it serves as a scientific and technical support platform for the development of research, innovation and training activities targeted at professionals in the public health administration.


Featured proyects

NAGEN > Navarrabiomed leads the Navarre Genomic Medicine Strategy (NAGEN) of the regional public health system. Thanks to the support of the Government of Navarre, the center has promoted the development of six strategic projects to implement genomic analysis technology and the use of the information obtained for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

ISOLDA > The goal of the EU-funded ISOLDA Project is to develop novel vaccines against viral diseases for older age by promoting virus-specific T cell responses targeting T cell immunosenescence and inflamm-ageing. Together with the State Agency for the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC, Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas), Navarrabiomed represents the spanish research for the ISOLDA Project.

IMPaCT > Navarrabiomed leads in Navarra the Precision Medicine Infrastructure associated with Science and Technology (IMPaCT) coordinated by Carlos III Health Institute. It is considered the first step of the new Spanish Strategy Personalized Medicine and it is organized in three programs: Predictive Medicine, Data Science and Genomic Medicine.

It will allow progress in the implementation of a new way of doing medicine, linked to scientific knowledge and the ability to exploit all available information to increase the quality and efficiency of the health system.

PROCURE4HEALTH > Navarrabiomed takes part in the Procure4Health Project, which is a growing community of European Health organisations interested in procurement of innovation. The partners actively promote innovation procurement through knowledge sharing and capacity building; networking and matchmaking; identification of common needs and the launch of joint actions to address them as well as influencing policy on procurement of innovation.