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Ysium Medical designs medical devices from the hand of medical specialists and ensures the arrival to their practices through the transfer to the main Medtech companies in the medical sector with established sales channels and global reach. Ysium Medical is a technology-based company that uses engineering to design and develop medical devices that meet the needs of both healthcare personnel and patients. We design manufacturing-oriented and regulatory-ready medical devices.

Ysium Medical is located in Arre, where it has a space that favors co-creation and innovation by design and engineering professionals. We work in collaboration with technology centers and universities for the generation of ideas, as well as with biomedical and health research centers, where we contact professionals in the health sector and validate our devices with end users.

Ysium Medical is a technology-based company, specialized in Medical Devices for the health sector, which works innovating through design and engineering hand in hand with healthcare personnel, to solve the needs of current unsolved problems and create new medical devices. We focus on improving the well-being and quality of life of the patient and all the people around and we humanize technology to put it at the service of people. We facilitate the work of healthcare professionals by creating easy, intuitive, ergonomic, user-friendly tools and comfortable workflows.

We have integrated in our DNA processes of permanent analysis and technological surveillance the latest developments in the field of engineering to create new wearables, control devices and / or systems that apply them (such as connectivity, IoMT, AI, VR, …).

Ysium Medical creates devices for different stages of a pathology (prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation) and applies a rigorous project selection criteria (ideas from health professionals with entrepreneurial spirit and market needs), to choose products that solve a real and relevant need present in a large number of people.

Featured proyects

Milestone/project name: BIM3D (R&D project)
Description: Medical simulator for medical-surgical practices and learning. The objective is to create an affordable, accessible and replicable medical simulator for students and healthcare professionals to practice injections, sutures and biopsies. TRL 7: 2025

Milestone/project name: NEBOLA (R&D project)
Description: Medical device for patients with throat cancer undergoing total laryngectomy to improve their breathing and thus obtain improvements in their quality of life. TRL 7: 2026